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About Albilad Digitals - Abdul Nabi Al Shoula

AlBilad Newspaper was first issued on the 15th of October 2008. Since it’s beginning the publication cared to deliver the truth, away from the melodramatic. Like it’s name, AlBilad’s first concern is Bahrain’s society, it’s troubles, it’s people and their views and concerns.

A news report is key to journalism and as such, our editors have rounded up a team of the best journalists out there to provide that very thing. For the purpose of delivering the reality to our readers, our news reports are written with a close examination of the subject. As of late, AlBilad has quite the success in issuing, first insights and scoops of the local criteria.

Since it’s birth, AlBilad Newspaper has been transformational in its diligence to renew its journalistic aesthetic. In its way of change, the newspaper succeeded in delivering the news with all the modern recourses of our time, its unique blending of opinions and counter opinions along with a free thinking mindset, and a prominent Arabic presence that is open to our current era, makes it everlasting.

We at AlBilad offer an individual the tools to receive the information needed to make him/her assess the truth with their own mind. We critique, we deliver, and we write in service of our readers.

Here at AlBilad, our youthful journalists are given full rein to seek out the truth, in all aspects due to the newspaper’s belief in our current generation.

Our Goals

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AlBilad aims to build a clear vision to our Arabic readers, with a subject matter that respects those that look to it, and to never tarry in the truth, wherever that truth may be.

In current times, the newspaper began its journey in contacting the journalistic departments of many local colleges and universities, as well as those in PR and Marketing to train them within its offices for the purpose of providing the students and outlet to practice their studies. The idea started after much success with a number of graduates in said majors, this led to ample agreements with the different schools to train their underclassmen before completion of their studies.

In short, AlBilad newspaper is a platform for words, a space for different opinions, a field of guided critique, a trustworthy transmitter to society’s hopes and worries, a society that is layered with all the different contents to making us a mirror of a modern Bahrain; A country with an economic position within the region and beyond it.

Within today’s journalistic experience, we at AlBilad bring with delicate examination and integrity without forgoing our democratic duty to bring our utmost in the field

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